some super dumb napkin drawings frm work 2day

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Title: You Can't Fix Me Artist: Balance and Composure 1,491 plays

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Transparent Tiffany Doggett to keep the sinners off your blog.

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Three years later. 

AtlA: http://gretlusky.tumblr.com/post/93096533873

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Ilana Glazer gets a Critic’s Choice nomination for Broad City while Abbi Jacobson does not.

Bustle’s Anneliese Cooper tries to make sense of it:

"Perhaps this skew is due to the fact that, on the show, Jacobson plays the proverbial straight man, a role traditionally given less comedic credit for an often tougher gig. As the fast-talking, crop-top-sporting wild child of the duo, Glazer is usually afforded the more quotable lines and goofier scenarios (and slays them, of course) — see: her grooving freehand in the back of an in-motion U-Haul, while Abbi stays bungee-corded, Odysseus-style, to the side. 

And still, Jacobson deserves some serious props for her character, if not more, says I. Because while Ilana is who we hope we might be on our most adventurous (or, um, otherwise medicated) days, Abbi is who we probably are today, or were last week when we wore our bathing suit as underwear and walked 30 blocks rather than shell out for the subway. (Or was that just me? Anyone?)”

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(Tasha Marie) | Rain

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After all these years …

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Blink and you’ll miss this Late Night writer’s cameo in SNL's opening credits…

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"I Don’t even know who I am anymore"

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