this interview and really anything involving jenny slate makes me cry laughing. 

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Driver Friendly || Twenty Centuries of Sleep

one of the best songs/albums of the year so far.

also, if you haven’t read yet, i wrote a lil’ piece on it!

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Game of Thrones Season 4 Bloopers 

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Nikolaj Coster Waldau & Gwendoline Christie at San Diego Comic Con 2014

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Aubrey Plaza poses alongside a Madame Tussauds Hollywood MARVEL wax figure during the ‘Guardians of The Galaxy’ premiere on July 21, 2014

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Field Mouse - Tomorrow is Yesterday

A while back I started chatting with this young band from Brooklyn after they sent me a stellar dreamergaze single called You Guys are Gonna Wake Up My Mom”. You guys ate it up, we signed a deal with them at Small Plates Records, their 7” sold out, and we’ve all become good pals/drinking buddies in the meanwhile. Therefore, it makes me happy to point you to their brand new single here today.

Look for this track to appear on an upcoming full length release - as yet untitled - later this year.


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I get too excited about this damn show but whatever. I’ve been waiting for casting news forever and we finally got some today! Pretty disappointed that Arianne is probably getting cut, though…

Next, I need some info on those Greyjoys!

P.S.This gif is wonderful:


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Game of Thrones season five new cast members

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Game of Thrones cast during the 2014 Comic-Con in San Diego. [x]

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God, we’re so different, all of us.

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got s4 challenge: [day 6] favourite outfit → everything dornish

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